Solo Show "Realism of Sculpture -A Reek of Honiness-"

Solo Show "Realism of Sculpture -A Reek of Honiness-"
6th - 23th Sep 2018 / @ Minnano Gallery

【Artist Statement】 English↓
私は古くより残る彫刻作品に魅力を感じます。それは、古い物が持つ重厚さや荘厳さに惹かれている部分もありますが、 重要なのは、それらに対して「性的魅力」を感じるかどうかです。

私の作る彫刻には全てモデルとなる人物彫刻(や絵画)があり、それらが"リアル"であることが選別基準です。 ここでいうリアルとは、肌の温もり、柔らかさ、細部にわたる作り込みなど、本来は人と人とが直接触れ合うことでしか 確かめられない造形・質感・感触をその彫刻に感じられるかということです。
その上で、更にそれを私自身のフェティシズムによって補強し、自分好みのキャラクターへと仕立て上げます。 この二次創作的なプロセスの中で、私は彫刻を愛で、愉しむのです。

私はこの制作行為を作品に対するある種の凌辱と位置づけています。ですが、その実、作品は私に対して 「犯させてやっている」のだという、フェアな関係を成立させているのです。


I'm interested in sculptures that remain from long time ago. Although I am attracted by the elegance and dignity, the more important thing is whether I can feel "sexual appeal" from them.

When I create my artwork, I refer to a statue (a painting) as a model. The selection criteria is whether they are "real". The term "real" as I use here means a kind of senses that we can get by direct communication between people, such as warmth, softness, and detailing of the skin.
In addition, I reinforce an artwork by my own fetishism, and tailor it to my favorite character. Throughout this secondary creative process, I play with my sculpture.
As a result of this play, the reality stays in my artwork.

There is a certain bias in this reality, that is, my own fetishism.
In other words, I regard this process as a kind of insulting act to the artwork. However, in fact, there is a fair relationship between us, it is to say, he is permitting me to insult him.

When people feel the real on a sculpture, how do they recognize the real?
I can't stop thinking about the fluctuations of that psychological and physiological sense.