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2023.6.7 – 24 @ Gallery MUMON




Artist statement

The title of this exhibition is “Incarnation.” This is a Christian term meaning “the appearance of God in human form.” I titled the exhibition after this phenomenon, substituting “God ⇨ Aesthetics” and “Human ⇨ Artworks.” A superficial description of my style would be “transforming past masterpieces into realist sculptures.” This description is not wrong, but it is inaccurate in its definition of the subject. What I want to give reality is not “realism” on the surface, but the “aesthetic sense” that the masters would have wanted to express through their art works. A work of art will never be recognized a timeless masterpiece simply because it is technically superior. It must be filled with an intense obsession and desire that is beyond the reach of ordinary people. My sculptures are created by revealing this hidden energy and adding my own energy. I extract the impulse hidden in the masterpiece, which has been divinized like a god, and materialize it through the filter of myself. This is the sculptures I incarnate.

Ichitaka Kamiji